(Just a side note for whoever may be wondering about my chair. It's coming along. Slowly. I'm still working on step 1. Pulling staples. I swear I'm making progress. But it's horribly tedious. I'll be back with details when something more interesting happens!)

My stepsister got married about a year and a half ago in a beautiful outdoor wedding. It was in June and in Texas, which could have been a disastrous combination. I was afraid we were going to be roasted. But no, the gods went a different way. We woke up that morning to thunderstorms. Now I'm from the northeast. We don't get thunderstorms up here like they do in Texas. Texas thunderstorms are a force to be reckoned with. And these were some hard core Texas thunderstorms. Flood warnings, tornado warnings, major lightening, the whole thing. My poor stepmother spent part of the morning in tears. My poor Dad cursed the day they decided to hold the wedding outside. In the end the storms moved out of the area, the sun came out by early afternoon, and the wedding was really pretty.

Fast forward a couple of years. Fred and I decide to get married and pick a date in October. We plan for a Fall wedding in New England. Every single location we consider is outdoors. (My poor father.) Our park has a rain location on the premises that I really like, so that takes care of that. But what if it's cold? Average high temperature for the month of October is 65 degrees. I figure I'll need a wrap, a shrug, a cardi, something.


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{Once Wed}

Admittedly, I've not done a lot of searching. These are just inspiration pics I've collected along my way. That last one is my favorite, though. And now look what I found at J. Crew!


I thought I would attempt to knit something, but we might have a winner here! Love the ruffle around the neckline. Oh, if you go back and check out the inspiration pictures more closely you'll see that the bride is indeed wearing those cowboy boots. A girl after my own heart :)

{Once Wed}

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