Audrey's Quilt

Remember this guy? I think my blog got started with this project! And today I wrapped it up in pink tissue paper and sent it off in the mail!

Audrey's Quilt

Truth be told, I've never finished a project so large, and I was sad to see it go. Towards the end I kept trying to find one more little detail to quilt, a tag to add to the back, one more thing to make it just right.

Audrey's Quilt

You can see I filled each crazy nine patch square with a spiral. For my next endeavor I think I'll pick a pattern that goes a little faster. I finished by running a stitch-in-the-ditch along the border, and it went so quickly in comparison. Fancy that, straight lines!


And yes, I do mean my next endeavor. Somewhere around block 11/35 I thought the hand quilting would never end, and there was no way I would ever do this again. But I love it. I love the way it turned out, the way it looks all warm and quilty after a run through the wash. I love that it looks handmade, that it is handmade, and that it will hopefully be special to Audrey. The last time I visited my Dad I found a stash of handmade quilts and blankets that had been mine, some I remember well and some I had nearly forgotten about, and I just nearly turned to mush when I saw them. I love that. So my next quilt, my summer project, will also be hand quilted. And, gulp, queen-sized.

Hello Beautiful

Oh sweet laundry, how I love thee.


Fred and I got keys to our new apartment this morning. That lovely pair is our brand-spanking-new ├╝ber-energy efficient washer/dryer. I can't wait to move in!

And the projects begin . . . I love this part. How do we best arrange the furniture? What colors should we focus on in different rooms? How about a canopy in the bedroom? Can I find a shower curtain that I like, or will I end up making one? Should we start an Etsy art collection? Can we Craigslist for any new furniture? What about making a new quilt for the bedroom? Yep, I think that one's next!




Well I obviously needed a break, huh? Between my sister's wedding and that impossible apartment search, I think I burned out. Yes, some time off was in order. Amazingly enough, though, I didn't stop crafting! As much as I thought I'd put away the sewing machine and the gocco after the wedding, I've actually finished some significant projects. More on those shortly. For tonight, I'll ease back in with the simple stuff.


I have an office job, but it's not like that. Sometimes I go downtown to visit my Aunt and Uncle at their offices, and it feels so foreign to me. Actually, offices look like they must be a lot of fun. I mean, what goes on inside those huge buildings? I do neat things with a lot of neat people, so I bet office buildings are brimming with coolness. I think I don't understand, but I like to think that it must be exciting.

At my "office," in a nutshell, I work only with musicians, I pick my own hours, and all we do is talk about music. Really, it's a great gig. So we hosted a conference last weekend, with all sorts of people flying in from across the country. We were about to be stuck in a hotel conference room with no windows for two solid days, and our "boss" (Department head? Fearless leader? Grand puba? Really, he's just Larry) wanted something to brighten up the place. So I volunteered myself for the hard job - flower arranging.


And the results are so happy! Whole Foods came through with some lovely tulips, and the square glass containers are ones I've collected over the years. I'm digging the clean minimalist/modern vibe these days.


It seems appropriate to post these in honor of Mother's Day. For the women doing the most important work in the world. I can't begin to imagine it.

Tomorrow morning Fred and I get keys to our new apartment! For my first order of business - I get to do laundry in my own space!! Oh, and take pictures and measurements and try to decide where the furniture goes. I've been looking forward to this for months. I'll report back tomorrow!