what you pay for

Yep, I dropped off the face of the earth. First there were two weeks of triples (musician-speak for having three jobs in one day, often three very different jobs with completely different repertoire, and typically in three very opposite directions). Then I got sick at the end of that run (big surprise there). Now I'm back on my feet, and it's February break! I'm bound and determined this week to have some projecting time, and to share that with you. So we'll see how that plays out!

{via Rachel, via Heather Garland}

In the meantime, a cartoon for you. This depicts an issue I've been trying to come to terms with, although I've not made much headway. So here it is in a nutshell. I'm a working musician. The term "bride" in my house is synonymous with "client," and not infrequently, "client who wants us to do something musically inadvisable, if not impossible, for an unfortunately small sum of money." I'll save the gory details, but we've gotten some amazing requests. (Ok, one good one. Are you familiar with Bernstein's Overture to Candide? Yes, it's an awesome piece of music. But it does actually require a full orchestra, it's quite difficult, it really functions best with a conductor, and no, our brass quintet can't play it at your wedding.) At this point that's all in a day's work, and no big deal. Except that I've recently been described as a "bride." And I think my brain naturally added the "-zilla" tag to the end of the word. Since when did "bride" become a pejorative! Ugh. Me, a bride? I still need to work on that one.

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