Ladies and gentlemen, I've decided to tackle a re-upholstery project this week and share my journey with you! I'm pretty sure I've lost my marbles on this one, so feel free to take a minute to wish me luck. But I'm all set with my sad sack of an armchair, a whole lot of fabric that I bought years ago to slipcover a couch we've since gotten rid of, and 5 days with not a lot going on. It seems there's no time like the present, so here goes!

The Chair

This chair was my grandparents. I inherited it sometime in the early 90s, right smack in the middle of my "country-quaint" decorating phase. You know, the dried flowers, the kitsch, the large plaid upholstery fabric. Yes, I have to claim responsibility for that blue and yellow stuff. I like to think I've come a long way since then.


On top of the poor fabric choice, there may now be a wee bit of cat damage. Here you see Baxter, eating the stuffing through a hole they've worn in the top. Punk. At least I have more than one good reason to recover this thing. So follow along here, and check out the full run of pics over on my flickr. Now I'm going to go start this mess before Fred can come home and talk me out of it!

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