We're Not Homeless!

It took a month, dozens of apartment viewings, and three solid rejections, but today we signed a lease on our new apartment! YAY!! I don't know if I'm more excited about having a washer/dryer in the unit or having a dedicated studio/craft space. Hmmm, tough call, both favorites. Oh, and clean white walls. And an oven that opens without employing brute force. And real tile on the kitchen floor! Right, and my own studio. And I don't have to spend a month scrubbing it before I can move in! YAY! Can you tell I'm wicked excited?

(For future reference, if some lovely young couple, perhaps a horn player and a trumpet player, come to rent an apartment from you, let me assure you that they'll probably be excellent tenants. Really, the music won't be too loud. You'll barely hear it, and I'm sure they'll stop at a reasonable hour. They're probably really decent people too. Good karma says let them stay. Just for future reference.)


And I leave you with this gorgeous thing. My Aunt Judy got a ranunculus plant, and they're definitely my new favorite. Peace!



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Sister's wedding!


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Finding a place to live by May 15


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Till next time!


Audrey's Dress

For my nearly 8 month old niece to wear to her parents' wedding:

Audrey's Dress

The dresses are nearly done. Our dearest Aunt spent the whole afternoon and into the evening on Sunday hemming my sister's so I could work on mine. Bless her heart, I'd be sunk without her! And somehow in the next two days, between teaching and gigs, I'll finish all three. Mark my words!

Audrey's Dress

Curiously, it turns out that this dress is not peacock and white, like was originally intended, but peacock and pale blue. There's a funny story about that, wouldn't you guess. This evening I took all the extra fabric from my dress and my sister's to the laundromat. Audrey's dress is guaranteed to get wet somehow, so I thought it prudent to pre-wash everything. Unfortunately I didn't think it prudent to separate the blue bits from the white bits. Oops. When the water turned bright turquoise I knew I was in trouble. But it turned out to be a lovely color and it works well in the baby's dress, so if anybody asks it was totally intentional. Really, I meant it that way.

Audrey's Dress

Actually it's really cute. I kind of wish I could wear hers instead of mine! Right, so what time is it now? I've spent way too many hours in front of my poor sewing machine for one night. Till next time!