Inspired by the likes of Anna Maria Horner, Jenny Harris, Blossom and the loads of others who have changed the scope and possibility of my projects, here begins my humble blog.

I live in a cozy apartment with my dearest boyfriend and our two cats. These poor housemates of mine can be regularly found tripping over my crafty endeavors as I attempt to bring some color into our lives. Although it's not like we don't have enough already. Our home is a virtual crayola box, and I fear for what the landlord will say when we leave him with orange walls. Nevertheless, the fiesta in the kitchen was just kicked up a notch with a freshly painted table, reupholstering challenges loom ahead, and soon our hallway shall take on a new shade of "distant thunder." More news on those to come. For now, the quilt!


My sister just had her first baby, a beautiful little girl. She comes from a line of strong (and headstrong) women, and I'm so excited for her generation and her future. As much as my sister wants me to make cloth diapers for her and I haven't yet (many apologies!) I've decided in the meantime to work on a quilt. Surprised as I was, the new mama requested pink and purple. This coming from the hard-core anti-girly-girl! But believe me, little makes me so happy as working with the purple butterflies and tiny pink flowers. I'm making a crazy nine patch, and it's delightful. It feels like I'm in the middle of a second childhood. Check back for progress pics shortly! For now, my sweet cats have convinced me that it's bedtime. Goodnight!