I got one. I couldn't stop myself, I just had to. I've been mulling on the idea for a while, absolutely loving all the gocco projects out there, but I couldn't convince myself I needed one. Really, I don't need any more stuff. How could I justify spending nearly $200 on this thing? I send out cards once a year if I'm lucky, right? Until I finally realized that I already had the perfect excuse reason to get one. I promised my favorite sister a while back that I would make her wedding invitations. My plan, a la these kits, was to print them from my computer, cut the paper down to size, paste on individual backings, repeat the process for each insert.... wait a minute. Duh. I need a gocco!!


And now I'm in love. It wasn't love at first sight, unfortunately, and I'm glad we had those first spats on something other than my sister's invitations. No, that bit of trial and error came in the form of a hand drawn (yes, I drew something by hand, I was surprised too) valentine. The end product isn't the greatest, but it was a worthwhile learning experience. Like I've said, our families have a sense of humor, which is great since they'll all be receiving said valentine in the mail in the next few weeks. Naturally, these are in lieu of Christmas cards, which didn't make it out at all this year. More details to follow, and in the meantime, don't laugh at my poor drawing!


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