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Fred had pink eye and a cold last week, so naturally I have pink eye and a cold this week. I thought I would get by with just the cold, but my eye was swollen and pink and gross when I woke up this morning. It's not cute. My day has been full of tissues and eye medicine and cold medicine and tea. But look, I managed to make something in between sniffles!


I got a slick new flash recorder in the mail the other day, and decided it needed a decent bag. Given my propensity for dropping things (really, I am an amazing klutz), the flimsy pouch it came with wasn't going to cut it.


This pretty canvas fabric came from Jo-Ann's, of all places. I put on a zipper, stuffed it with batting, lined it, stitched the seams with basting tape, and it's good to go!


Next on my list - new pajamas. I need a new favorite pair to replace that old favorite pair that died. Bumming around in your pajamas all day makes it hard to hide how ratty the PJ stash has gotten. This fabric came from my last trip to Boston's best fabric store. Fresh out of the wash and ready to be cut, I'll have new PJ's by bedtime.


Alright, I'm off to go clean out my eyes and blow my nose again. Hey, it could be worse. Fred popped a blood vessel with his pink eye last week, and the whole eye was completely red for a few days. Yeah, talk about not cute. Stay well, everyone!

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