Today the UPS man brought me . . .


. . . 30 yards of dupioni silk for my sister's wedding! She's having a medieval period wedding, and I'm making both of our dresses. The blue is difficult to photograph, as dupioni has so many nuances in color and shine, but is actually more peacock/turquoise than it appears here. I won't give too much away until dresses are made, but it's going to be fantastic. And for good measure, let's repeat - 30 yards of silk. Yowzers.

My Purl Package!

. . . And my very first order from Purl! Gosh, they sure do have my number. First they have the most beautiful fabrics I've ever seen, all in the same place. Seriously, I swoon. Then they send my package all wrapped up in bright pink tissue paper. Yep, way to cater to my inner 2-year old. That's enough to make me giddy right there, and I haven't even opened the darn thing!


Yay! Come on, you smiled just looking at it, admit it. The back row is for a quilt I've had in mind for a while now. I've been collecting fabrics a few at a time, and I finally just bit the bullet and ordered a whole slew. The front selections are for elephants. More on those soon.

quilting fabric

Here's the collection so far. This quilt was obviously inspired by my love for things bright and orangy, but there's more to it than that. I used to work at J. Crew. It was pretty neat, I actually learned a ton about color and style there. About once a month we would have to work overnights to roll out the new merchandise. Leaving just as the store was opening after too many hours at work, guess what I would buy on the way out the door? Of course, pajamas. That striped fabric fourth from the left used to be such a pair of J. Crew pajamas. They were my very favorite pajamas, and I literally loved them to pieces. So, I figure, what better way to get more use out of the greatest PJ's ever than to turn them into a quilt? You have my word, I won't start sewing a thing until I finish my last quilt. Expect that to happen post-haste. Ahem.

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