I feel like I keep showing you these.


And it's not like I don't do anything else around here! But I seem to be cranking them out. She's the sixth one I've made, and this one's number 7.


We're off to visit my sister for a couple days, and she ordered this trio for nephews and her boss's new son.


But 7 elephants! I'm kind of proud of myself. I keep on tweaking the pattern and the process, trying to get it just right. Somewhere in the back of my head I have this daydream that I'll make a bunch and list them on Etsy. Fred and I were talking about that last night. It's not the idea of selling the elephants that has my interest, per se, although that certainly would be a perk. It's more that I'd like to share them with the world. Really, I'm quite enamored with these little guys! And I'm so pleased that the people I've made them for like them as well. Isn't it worth spreading the love? I had no idea three months ago that this would go anywhere!


So that's life in my neck of the woods! Baxter is a monster, as always. The light box I made for photographing elephants is still, indeed, a box, and I can't keep him out of it. Sammich, who is unfortunately afraid of my digital camera, slept through this photo shoot yesterday afternoon. And I leave you with a shot of my amaryllis. I swear it opens a little more every time I walk past it! Those flowers will be like dinner plates when we get back to it. Hmm, maybe next week I'll take a picture every couple of hours so we can see the time lapse. Till then, have a good long weekend!


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Eric said...

It's all about spreading the love, you should do it!

It was great to see you guys last weekend, thanks for having me. I'll have to call you or Fred this weekend to hear how auditions went.

Catch you guys soon!