A completely free Saturday is an awesome thing, but a Saturday that Fred and I both have off it's really worth celebrating! We spent the morning at a church rummage sale in Lincoln, MA. It was his suggestion! We've actually never been to a rummage sale together, and I didn't think he'd get excited for it. But now as I think about it, his Mom has run their church rummage sale for years so it's in his upbringing. As Lincoln is one of Boston's wealthier suburbs we figured the pickings would be pretty good. And indeed...

Vintage Handmade Quilt

A 1930's handmade quilt.

Vintage Sewing Machine

Two vintage sewing machines, one in a hideaway cabinet!

Vintage Sewing Machine

Some day...

Huge Mirror

This humongous mirror. I'd paint the frame, probably a grass green or turquoise color, and lean it up against a wall.

Tea Cart

A tea cart. What in the world is a tea cart? Did people actually roll out tea on this thing? I'd paint it too. White. And put white Christmas tree lights in a bowl on the bottom shelf.

1850's Mirror

The tag said this mirror was from the 1850's. Love the patina developing behind the glass.

Cake Stand

Glass cake stand.

What is this thing?

Strange Moroccan-looking lamp shade.


A hemoglobinometer from 1924. But look at that signature! If I had handwriting like that I certainly wouldn't be buying fonts for my wedding invites!

Artichoke Box

An artichoke box. The top came off and there was storage inside. Cute, but badly chipped.


And now for the spoils! These three colorful scarves came home with me.


As did these two little dishes. They didn't come as a set, and I don't love the leaves as much as the petals, but the petal bowl is tiny and the leaves give it more weight. The leaves might end up as a candle holder.

Petal Bowl

I do love the petal bowl, and it's very sweet on my dresser.


Our next stop involved brunch with friends.


I love the rocking use of font on this building!

Signs of Spring

And we finally have signs of Spring. I hope there's some of that going on where you are today! Peace, and happy weekend.

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what a fun entry! I love this.