I've decided to get on the "365 Project" bandwagon. It was seeing this set today that made up my mind. First, her photos are beautiful. I wondered how it could be possible that every day be so colorful and bright. Well, obviously, we're only looking at one snapshot of each day. Of course it makes sense to post the nicest ones. But on the other hand, it also means that she's found something colorful and bright in each day, and isn't that an exercise worth participating in?

For an added benefit, I like the idea of using my camera more often. I welcome a good excuse to get some practice with it. And sometimes I'm hesitant to take pictures while I'm out and about. It makes me feel like a tourist. But it's high time I get over that silliness, and I think this assignment might do it. And lastly, I've been curious about how this blog fits into my life. Or rather, how my life fits into this blog. It's been my tendency to share projects and crafts and such, but not get into the nitty-gritty of what else I do. But I do some really neat things when I'm away from my sewing machine! So maybe this 365 will open those lines of communication a little more, eh?


So here we go! Fred and I have this plant in our kitchen. I don't know at all what it's called. There's a vegan restaurant in Brookline that has one draped along all four walls! Clearly they grow like mad. Ours is all wrapped around its own pot and growing in knots. Sometimes when a new leaf is about to open up it presents us with a drop of water. Just like that.

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