Hey, like my new title bar? I know, the name has nothing to do with "dilettante," but I'm digging it.

Today, a photo excursion.


These came in the mail for me the other day. The plan is to make labels:


Also, so you can see, I actually finished something!


The second burst is a variation on the first. You could say it's in the process of bursting, while the other is still building up energy. I'm going to say I did it on purpose.


And next, my new bag:


I'm loving it. I made it to replace this one, which had some design faults.


I was excited for the leather and studs when I made it, but it lacked a snap, didn't hold its shape well, and the handles couldn't stay on my shoulders. The new one is definitely an improvement.


I'm loving that it's punchy, despite the muted colors. Yay for Ikea fabric! And yes, that is my orange living room wall you see behind it.


More on bags next time. They might be my new addiction, they're so much fun. I'm chewing on an idea, and we'll see if I go anywhere with it. Peace.

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