Duxbury Beach

"The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea." -- Isak Dinesen


I love the ocean. Simply, it makes things better. So I was playing a gig in Duxbury the other day, not even a mile from the beach, and couldn't resist a visit.


It was beautifully grey and and windy. I think it would have only been more perfect had a thunder storm rolled in.

rose hips

These guys were showing off their fall colors quite nicely. I'm in awe of the plant life that roughs it through those kinds of conditions.


Alas, I couldn't stay for too long, but I think these fellows were happy to see me go. As for me, I played a concert that night with sandy feet, and was so pleased for it.


And in other news, after taking dozens of pictures at the beach, I dropped my purse getting out of my car when I got home. Beach rocks in my purse collided with said camera, and the poor thing is completely toasted. My display cracked. Hooray!!!!! I've been pining after this handsome thing for weeks now. I wasn't going to get it till mid-November, but this was the perfect excuse! Fate, I'm telling you. It should arrive on Wednesday, and I'm wicked excited. And amazingly, I got an extended warranty when I originally bought the now-deceased camera. Now Fred will be the happy recipient of that shiny new replacement model. New toys all around! Peace :)

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