Fred's cousin, Jenn, just had her first baby, a little boy they named Cole. They're out in California, but Jenn's parents, Fred's aunt and uncle, are here in the Boston area. The family held a video-conference coast-to-coast baby shower this weekend. I was playing my last day of shows, but Fred was able to go. A couple of days before he asked if he could show up empty handed, having no time to go find a baby gift. Actually, I think he was utterly terrified by the mere thought of having to shop for a baby gift. He is a 25 year old guy, after all. (Love you, Fred!) Well, me being the adventurous one I am, I set down with my trusty sketch pad and sewing machine and got to work. And a few hours later, this poor hapless creature came to be.


Sigh. Yeah, those little legs were supposed to aim downwards, such that he might actually stand up on them. But no, this little guy is all splayed out instead. His little belly has so much girth that he's more whale-like than elephantile. I have a knack for design flaws, don't I? I saw it coming as I was sewing him together, and I couldn't decide whether to laugh or start over. So I laughed. Thank goodness Fred's family has a sense of humor! He's pretty cute, nonetheless.

Elephant 2

And check out his little tail! I'm all about personalizing things these days, and I was so stoked to use my new cotton tape and letter stamps. I think that's awesome. I'm still pleased to have designed and made something, no matter how curious he is. Maybe I'll tweak the pattern before I make one for my sister's baby.

Elephant 3

And there you have it! Welcome Cole, and congrats to Jenn and Seth! Happy Sunday, everyone.

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