A quick update. The J.Crew shoes didn't fit. I'm in between sizes. So I ordered these instead -


I wasn't sure I'd like them. But I do. They're listed as "burgandy" in color, but they lean more towards "plum" or "port." That's what I was hoping for anyway. Pretty, shiny, flat and comfortable, but still dressy. Mission accomplished. So have I just bought something to wear for my wedding?? Eeek, big decisions! Still no progress on a dress. Really, that'll happen this summer. Shoes first, dress later. Makes sense, huh?


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Stephanie said...

Oh, they're gorgeous! Don't worry, I'm in the same boat. I've already picked out and bought bridesmaid dresses, but still don't have a dress for me. My excuse is that I'm making it, and good things take time. :)