2009 scares the bejezus out of me. I haven't even gone back to work yet (that starts tomorrow) and I'm nervous. There's an overwhelming sense of impending . . . something. It's not the work, per say, it's all the other stuff. (Alright, it's mostly the wedding. That's gonna be a major project. We'll discuss that more another day.) So, I've been inspired to get it all out, put it down on virtual paper, and focus on the good stuff. And here you have it, in no particular order. These are my goals, my resolutions, my plans, my coming year in a nutshell.


1. Marry Fred!

2. Plan and pull off an awesome, personal and meaningful wedding.

3. Run a marathon. On our honeymoon.

4. Play my horn every day.

5. Learn to bike commute into Boston.

6. Run 1000 miles.

7. Read the Bible. The whole thing.

8. Paint my finger nails regularly.

9. Wear skirts more often.

10. Learn to design my own patterns.

11. Design and sew my own wedding dress.

12. Let my hair grow out.

13. Start and finish a sweater.

14. Knit a pair of socks.

15. Give a recital.

16. Put money in savings and leave it there!

17. Take dance lessons.

18. Send (handmade) cards unexpectedly.

19. Make an inspiration board.

20. Stand up straight.

21. Worry a little less.

22. Smile a lot more.

23. Take a trip to somewhere I've never been.

24. Finish the quilt I got fabric for a year ago.

25. Hang out in NYC.

26. Cultivate a yoga practice.

27. Put things away a little quicker. (Dishes, laundry, etc.)

28. Go camping.

29. Wear pretty shoes.

30. Drink water like a fish.

31. Make better use of my extensive driving time.

32. Bag a couple of the local peaks.

33. Blog more often.

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