List 2010


Do you call it twenty-ten? Or two-thousand-ten? My vote is in for twenty-ten. 2009 was privy to some of my best times and some of my least best times, shall we say. I'm glad to be done with it, and here's to hoping for a more stable and prosperous new year. It's kind of hard since my season is very much on a September-June cycle and I'm still in the thick of it. But a few things are up in the air that could make for some truly awesome (and challenging) times. I won't know anything till April, but keep your fingers crossed for me.

So here's my list, my goals for the year, in no particular order. It's shorter than last year by a couple, but also more concrete. Oh, and all of those "every day" items have actually happened every day so far!


1. Eat something resembling a fresh fruit or vegetable every day.

2. Play my horn every day.

3. Go on a picnic. Bonus points for a picnic quilt and a cute dress.

4. Fly a kite. Perhaps whilst on the above picnic.

5. Do something physical and healthy every day.

6. Log at least 500 miles, running or walking.

7. Ride my bike into Cambridge and back.

8. Do something every day just for fun.

9. Relax often and fully enough to maintain a greater hold on sanity.

10. Make my bed every day. Or have Fred make it. Either way counts.

11. Attend wine and beer tastings.

12. Light candles during the dark months.

13. Host a cocktail party.

14. Record a CD with the Bala. This will take a financial miracle.

15. Play frisbee with Fred.

16. Go to the dentist. Ugh.

17. Learn to drive a stick shift well enough to make it into Boston and back.

18. Go swing dancing with Fred.

19. Learn to do the Lindy Hop.

20. Get through the summer with no credit card debt.

21. Summit Mt. Washington.

22. Finish the two new quilts I just started and sew at least 2 more.

23. Go camping.

24. Blog more often.

25. Add to this list as necessary, and check in every so often to be sure I haven't forgotten anything!

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