Travel Themed Invitations

I've been away from this space for longer than I'd like, so let me show you a bit of what I've been up to!

Peter and Jamie's Wedding Invitations

Our friends, Peter and Jamie, are getting married in a couple of months and they trusted me and my gocco-ing skills enough to let me make their wedding invitations. Peter is one of my favorite horn players, and Jamie works in research with autistic children. They're really pretty fantastic. They met in Germany while Peter was studying there for a year and Jamie was working as an au pair. The two love to travel (they're going to Tanzania for their honeymoon!!) so that's becoming the theme of their wedding. And after a lot of brainstorming this is what we came up with for their invites.

Peter and Jamie's Wedding Invitations

As you can see, they're luggage tags! The cover page is cut from vintage map wrapping paper that we found at the Paper Source and had cut down to size. A friend of theirs drew the great silhouette of the two birds in flight. I gocco-ed the heck out of the whole bunch, and all four of us sat down one night to trim corners and punch holes.

Peter and Jamie's Wedding Invitations

I love all the invitations I've made with the gocco so far, but I think these are my favorites. I like how the travel theme carries through to each page without being campy. They're classy and elegant, while still looking modern and personal and unique at the same time. So congrats to Peter and Jamie, and I'm glad these turned out so well!

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Erika said...

Good Job on the invitations