I realized today that I hadn't shown you my fingerless gloves. (Pardon the grainy pictures, we haven't seen the sun in days.)


I made them in September, and I've probably worn them every day since. You'd be surprised how warm a pair of fingerless gloves can be! Something about keeping a pulse point warm, I think. Of course, I managed to not photograph them then when they were all clean and pretty looking. (Or when the sun still came out.) Now they're kind of pilly and well worn, but I love them all the more. Well, I did until today.

See, I just wore them to the post office. (I had to drop some elephants in the mail. Did I tell you that I've sold two of these guys in the past week?) I knew it was cold out - we had our first snow yesterday! But somehow that didn't register.


Apparently it's 20 degrees outside. My thermometer would have told me to wear real gloves, but I didn't consult it before I left. Well, let me tell you, I hustled my tail those three blocks to the post office and back. And it was somewhere along said chilly hustle that I decided I needed to blog about my awesome gloves. And then dig the real mittens out of the closet.


I adapted my pattern from this one on Knitty. Mine are a smidge longer, with a few more cables. They were actually my first cables, worked without a cable hook, and I'm quite proud of them. The yarn is Knitpicks Wool of the Andes, as I recall. I'm a fan. Inexpensive yarn + free pattern = happy me. Yeah, I'm sure I'll still wear them every day. But maybe just not outside.

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