Oh Dear

Hello, friends. I didn't mean to fall of the face of your computer screen, or however you'd describe my absence. Last week was a rough one, and I'm still finding my bearings again. I even bailed on my picture-a-day, and I'd been so enjoying that process! But I think I'm ready to pull myself back together and jump start this party again. Sound like a plan?

But fear not, it's not like I wasn't doing anything productive!! Lordy no, just nothing I can show you yet. I mean, I couldn't possibly show you my sister's wedding dress before the wedding! I'm sure that would be bad luck. But let me tell you about it, just a bit.

For starters, my sister HATES wearing dresses. I didn't question her one bit when she first threatened to wear jeans to her wedding. (Really, I don't know how we're related.) But no, we found a pattern she approved of, and somehow she entrusted me with the job of making the most important dress I'll ever make. Egads. So I altered said pattern to her measurements, ordered a length of silk that's longer than my entire apartment, and cut into the most expensive fabric I've ever worked with. We met this past weekend for our first fitting. The wedding is now 2.5 weeks away, and she was just seeing the dress for the first time. Who me, scared? Um, yep. Terrified. And the verdict? She loves it. And it looks amazing. Thank God. Now I only have to finish hers, make mine, and make one for the baby. Right. Speaking of whom, since I can't show you the dress, I'll at least show you what the kid was doing at the time - helping! And yes, I promise, tons of photos in 3 weeks!

Little Seamstress

And in other news, thank you so much to those who've commented on my elephants. I have been so pleased by the response I've gotten. I mentioned selling them a while back, and that idea may be going somewhere . . . . stay tuned! In the meantime, it's nice to be back. Have a good night!

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