Fred always scolds me when I start a project without the proper preparation. Usually this involves paint. It's not uncommon for me to start painting without putting a drop cloth down, but I've gone so far as to paint a dresser without actually taking the clothes out of the drawers. Yeah, it's bad, I know. So it should come as no surprise to hear that I learned more about making marshmallows after I had started the process than before. My recipe looked good and was well reviewed, so I dove right in.


Well, the good news is that they taste great. The less fortune news, the part I figured out after the fact, is that marshmallows really do work better when fluffed up in a tabletop mixer. Sources say that 10 - 15 minutes with a whisk attachment allows the marshmallow goo to triple in volume. Alas, as this baby is not yet a part of my counter top arsenal, I tried using my food processor. I use that food processor pretty successfully for just about everything, so I figured it should work for this recipe too. And the results?


Yeah, they're a little on the skinny side. Maybe even leaning towards dense and slightly chewy. Bummer, you say. But wait, dear friends, there's hope! This is the perfect application for that multi-purpose life lesson: Chocolate makes everything better!

Chocolate dredged marshmallows

And now, just consider the possibilities! These handsome things are fated for so much more than your standard hot chocolate. Bite sized and delicious, they're the perfect size and shape for microwave smores! Come on, you know you love the idea....

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